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Things to avoid to ensure sleep on a long haul flight!

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  1. Don’t drink copious amounts of alcohol

As tempting as it is to fully utilise the free drinks trolley try to stick to just one drink. Alcohol may make you feel sleepy however “Deep sleep is when the body restores itself, and alcohol can interfere with this," explains Dr John Shneerson, head of the sleep centre at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. "As the alcohol starts to wear off, your body can come out of deep sleep and back into REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from. That's why you often wake up after just a few hours sleep when you've been drinking”


  1. Don’t watch TV

Blue light from led screens whether it’s the tv in the seat in front or your phone stops the brain from producing melatonin which is a natural hormone that your body creates throughout the day to help you sleep. So its best to avoid all screens up to an hour before you’re hoping to sleep.


  1. Don’t eat a heavy meal

Having a large meal before getting ready to sleep kick starts youre metabolism and can prevent you from both falling asleep and staying asleep. Eat enough to stop you from being hungry but don’t go overboard so that you are uncomfortable.


  1. Don’t drink caffeine

Coffee, Tea, Coca cola, avoid it all on the day of your flight if you are serious about catching some shut eye! Caffeine is a stimulant and the effects of caffeine can be felt for as long as 6 hours after consuming. There is also no nutritional benefits so your best to stick to the tomato juice on board!

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